How to create a nutrition program for fat loss success?

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Is there a specific nutritional system suggested for a general population client’s fat loss success? The simple answer is No. There are a few factors to consider:

  1. Calories – basically, when it comes down to fat loss, it all comes down to calories, that is why we always say ‘calories are king’. Rate of body composition change always relates to your energy balance or your calorie deficit, not so much your macronutrients. Therefore when setting the macronutrients for your clients, the simplest thing is to start with the calories set first
  2. Protein – have a protein target second in line. This is our most crucial macronutrient for success with body composition! It helps to preserve and maintain the muscle mass when in calorie deficit and at the same time It also has the highest thermic effect of feeding (TEF), meaning it has the highest energy expense on the body over any other macronutrients.
  3. Carbs & Fats – the most liked nutrients categories by clients, obviously. To determine what does suit best to each individual client you simply ask what is their preferred food of choice. If a client prefers eating more fats, they’ll generally eat more fats. If a client prefers eating more carbs, guess what, they’ll eat more carbs – we are all creatures of habit. Therefore It doesn’t have to be such a strict system where if you’re overweight you have to go on keto diet. It’s all preference and adjustment, so if you like keto, do keto, but generally try to shy away from keto.

The reasons why not everyone will like the ketogenic diet are:

  1. It’s not optimal for performance, especially in the long term.
  2. It’s highly restrictive.

When it comes to ‘gen pop’ clients, we want to set nutritional plans that are achievable. The more achievable they are, the more likely the clients comply to that nutritional structure. Keep it simple – if your client prefers eating more carbohydrates, let them eat more carbs. If they prefer to eat more fats, let them eat more fats.

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Mark Carroll / Head of Global Education

Clean Health Fitness Institute

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