The ultimate online course to learn how to optimise your body and lose fat fast!

Whether you are a personal trainer, a coach or fitness enthusiast, if you are looking to truly optimise your physique and create lifechanging transformations – this course is for you.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of designing effective, individualised training and nutrition plans for yourself and your clients, unlocking how to shed fat and transform your body in as little as 12 weeks!



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Create truly lifechanging transformations...

No matter your starting point, where you are an in-shape PT or looking to transform.a client physique, Clean Health Fat Loss Fundamentals’ is perfect for personal trainers, strength coaches, nutrition coaches, health professionals and fitness enthusiasts. 

If you want to intimately understand nutrition systems, training methodologies and help clients take control of their health for the long-term – this online course is a great place to start. 

We give you the fundamental  information, knowledge and insight you need to create drastic, life-changing fat loss transformation results with clients in as little as 12 weeks! 

Across 6 modules, you’re going to learn… 

How to design diets and nutrition plans that get results

How to design and structure training programs

Tips and tricks to create incredible body transformations

A proven fat loss system that we have used in our gym’s conducting over 200,000 personal training sessions

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