In today’s episode, Daine McDonald interviews a long time friend and colleague, Juan Carlos Simo.


Juan Carlos Simo Velazquez is a prominent physiotherapist, Licensed in Clinical Psychology, strength coach and a dedicated mentor passionate about changing lifestyles for the better, under a philosophy that promotes critical thinking in an act that determines the quality of life that human beings have: eat.


Simo is a specialist in functional rehabilitation, nutrition for aesthetic transformation and disease prevention.


In recent years he has dedicated himself to studying functional medicine at The Institute for Functional Medicine and continued his studies at the American Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine.


Tune in as they deep dive on a variety of topics:

  • Juan Carlos’s story, mindset, the impact that the late and legendary Charles Poliquin had on him and Daine McDonald.
  • As well as uncovering a bunch of different approaches and takes in regards to nutrition and training
  • The state of the fitness industry and where he sees it going.


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