Learn how to attract & retain online fitness coaching clients with Brian Mark and Cole Da Silva


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Course Overview

You’ve mastered program design and nutrition…
Now it’s time to become a master content creator and scale your online fitness business!

Social Media Mastery for Fitness Professionals was created by Fitness Business and Social Media Experts Brian Mark and Cole Da Silva. This course has been designed for fit-pros who want to become pro content creators and grow their online profile.

Delivered entirely online, you will study 7 modules that guarantee that you can create content that truly resonates with your desired audience.

There is NO BETTER program available if you want a personalised, real-world, non-gimmicky course to show you how to educate, acquire and retain online coaching clients.

I Am Ready To Grow My Social Media 👇

Social Media Mastery for Fitness Professionals

Learn from industry-pros with over 2 mil followers

study online and in your own time, from anywhere in the world!

go from content rookie to expert in just a few short months!

This course will teach you proven social media marketing techniques and sales strategies to master the skill of content creation.

you will learn how to…

Learn WHY social media is king for building your online brand!
Define your client niche and HOW to create content for them.
Unlock "Marketing 101" for fit-pros.
Define your client avatar and how to communicate with them.
Learn the "must activate" social platforms for 2023 & beyond.
Learn the tech-essentials you need to create pro-level content.
Learn how to communicate a CLEAR call to action.
Create an online community of raving fans who refer repeatedly!
Learn how to shift your mindset when it comes to content creation.
Finesse your OWN content strategy & scale your business!

Self-Paced Study, Start Anytime Online!

Why Study with Clean Health
and PT Domination?

Learn from fitness professionals who truly walk the walk
(not just talk the talk!)

Most business coaches charge $10,000+ for access to this type of information – and at PT Domination and Clean Health, we believe that’s not fair to personal trainers…

In 2023, social media is CRUCIAL for any fitness business. This course provides you with everything you need; and nothing you don’t. It is taught by Clean Health Academic Board industry experts Brian Mark and Cole DaSilva from Canada.

Cole and Brian have coached thousands of PTs to generate 6-figure business all via social media.

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Brian and Cole lead by example, with 2 million+ followers across their social media accounts and are constantly testing, trying new trends, and seeing what works, so they have the most up-to-date systems to teach coaches!

Social Media Mastery for Fitness Professionals gives you a step-by-step blue-print to go from rookie to expert in just a few short months!



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