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Improve your coaching techniques, scale your fitness business and learn everything there is to know about nutrition with the online Performance Nutrition Coach (PNC) Complete Certification from Clean Health.

Giving you access to PNC Levels 1, 2 and 3, this certification takes your skill set as a nutrition coach to new heights and teaches you how to make a lifelong, positive impact on your clients’ overall health and wellbeing.

With 170+ lessons in one accessible package, this is your
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Learn To Deliver Life-Changing Coaching…

…Not Just Run-Of-The-Mill Personal Training!

One of the first lessons we give to all our students is the importance of becoming a coach, not just a standard personal trainer.

Providing a complete service of lifestyle, nutrition and training plans for your clients is a paramount point of difference and makes it more likely you’ll deliver truly impactful results. Question is, where do you start – and how can you equip yourself with the training you need to enhance your offer and deliver world-class results?

At Clean Health, we make the pathway to becoming a leader in the field of fitness a whole lot clearer. With our team of world class trainers by your side, you know you’re getting comprehensive training that sets you up for success as a qualified nutrition coach. This is support from a trusted training provider that you can always count on!

Get all the knowledge you need to become a nutrition coach

Complete PNC Levels 1, 2 and 3, covering 19 nutrition modules

Learn from some of the world’s most respected nutrition coaches

Access and finish modules online from the comfort of your own home

Certify in your own time and get access to 170+ course lessons for up to 12 months

Our Performance Nutrition Coach Program Bundle Gives You The
Best Possible Chance of Changing Your Clients’ Lives For The
Better & Growing Your Own Fitness Business As a Result…

A lot of courses only give you the skills to help your clients when they’re in the gym. What they do (and eat!) in
their own time is up to them! Truth is, optimising fitness results isn’t enough. You need to create a high-
performance lifestyle (HPL) for your clients that delivers lasting, positive change across ALL areas of their life.

Nutrition plays a huge part in making that holistic lifestyle change. From the art of nutrition coaching
and understanding popular nutrition systems to the science of stress management and behavioural change, diving
deep into multiple aspects of nutrition is what sets you apart from the crowd as a leader in the health space.

You just need a trusted provider that can help you…

Become a nutrition coach

Separate yourself from the pack and get
certified in the nutrition space. Go beyond the
bare minimum as a fitness professional and help
your clients achieve real, measurable change
through a wealth of additional knowledge and

Enhance your current offer

Take your passion for health, fitness and nutrition
and combine them into one powerful offer. Learn
everything you need to know about nutrition in a
way that builds a meaningful career and helps
people achieve their health and fitness goals

Control your time and money

Build a more stable, reliable career that gives you
total financial and personal freedom. Use your
nutrition qualification to work with higher-profile
clients on a holistic basis. Scale your business (and
your prices!) as you gain more experience.

Change lives for the better

Make a genuinely positive impact on the people you
work with. Share your nutrition knowledge and
expertise to take your clients from where they are to
where they want to be. Watch their transformation
and know that you played a huge part.

Become a recognised fitness leader

Follow in the footsteps of the world’s most popular
personal trainers and build your own brand in the
fitness industry. Combine your qualifications and
certifications with your love of health to become a go-to expert in the field of physical wellbeing.

If you’re looking to achieve all of this and more, you’re in the right place!


The Performance Nutrition Coach Complete Certification

PNC Levels 1, 2 & 3 In An Easy-To-Access Package

With this exclusive, nationally-recognised bundle of programs, you get everything you need to become a nutrition coach and enhance your offer in the future. By the end of the course, you’ll have learned decades of industry knowledge and nutrition experience from our world-class coaches – and you’ll know exactly how to implement it into your own business in a way that drives success for your clients.

Our certifications integrate years of personal training experience with cutting-edge science in the field of nutrition and holistic health to deliver a comprehensive nutrition coaching certification that allows you to thrive as a nutrition coach.

With these three courses, you can go from the fundamentals of nutrition right the way through to advanced strategies for improving clients performance. You’ll be able to create world-leading results with personal training clients and athletes for fat loss, hypertrophy, sports performance, well-being, and more. 

PNC Levels 1, 2 & 3 Are So Much More
Than Just a Certification…

Nutrition is key when it comes to both changing body composition and ensuring your clients are set up to live a long, healthy life after they leave the gym floor.

Problem is, we saw that most nutrition courses were often nothing more than box-ticking exercises. They didn’t give you a pathway to become an effective PT that ensures the wellbeing of your clients once they leave your gym session!

That’s why we created this bundle of programs, designed to teach you the fundamentals of nutritional science, before guiding you through advanced strategies to optimise client HPL and change their dietary behaviour for the better.

We Arm You With The Knowledge You Need To Deliver Consistently Outstanding Results Across ALL Areas of Diet & Nutrition

With over 170 lessons spread out over 19 action-packed modules – all based on 1,000+ peer reviewed studies – our interactive and engaging online learning portal was built to make your student education experience results driven and enjoyable!

A Comprehensive Collection of The Best Online
Evidence-Based Nutrition Certification Programs!

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn In This Bundle…
Learn the fundamentals of nutritional science, along with a step by step system for building a diet and nutrition plan for your clients from the ground up. Understand more about macronutrients, micronutrients and other nutritional systems, learning how to structure scientifically grounded nutrition plans for a wide range of people.

Module 1: The Obesity Epidemic (CHPNC11)

Build a stronger foundation for your nutritional advice, as you develop a skilled understanding of obesity as a condition, and its causes, implications and remedies.

Module 2: The Art of Nutrition Coaching (CHPNC12)

With an understanding of consultation styles, goal setting and training techniques, you can connect with your clients more deeply and deliver a superior service.

Module 3: The Fundamentals of Macronutrients (CHPNC13)

Learn the science behind the macronutrients, including in-depth look at your proteins, carbs, fats, water and how they affect the body depending on the client.

Module 4: Base Nutritional Program Design (CHPNC14)

Discover how to design scientifically-grounded nutrition and diet programs safely and effectively. Maximize your own client results with a tried and tested system.

Module 5: Understanding Popular Nutrition Systems (CHPNC15)

Explore and break down each nutritional system so you know when or when not to apply them depending on client physiology, goals and overall psychology.

Module 6: The Art of Nutritional Periodization (CHPNC16)

Learn the Zig-Zag cycle, micro-cycles, macro-cycles, undulating periodization and how to structure diets over multiple different time periods to maximize client goals.

Module 7: Understanding Micronutrients (CHPNC17)

Find out more about the science behind micronutrients – including what they are, how they work and how they influence client results at a cellular level.

Module 8: Building your Nutrition Coaching Business (CHPNC18)

Get insight into how you can effectively coach your clients as a nutrition coach, not just a ‘trainer’, which will give you the tools you need to improve client retention.
Learn about the physiology of fat loss, digestion and gut health, stress, the immune system and more, along with advanced nutrition methodologies, supplementation and nutrition protocols. Look at the whole lifestyle ecosystem of your clients and get nutrition tools to help your clients achieve new levels of health and wellbeing.

Module 1: The Physiology of Fat Loss (CHPNC28)

Understand the different types of body fat and how they impact client health and plan and conduct protocols to burn stubborn body fat 

Module 2: The Fundamentals of Gut Health & The Microbiome (CHPNC29)

Learn about the digestive system, how it interacts, within our body, along with the different enzymatic reactions that occur, which help us metabolise our macronutrients.

Module 3: Stress & Lifestyle Management for Peak Performance (CHPNC210)

You will learn about the relationship stress has on our brain, digestion, immune and cardiovascular systems. You will understand the importance of sleep and different strategies to decrease your client’s stress, improving results 

Module 4: Advanced Nutrition Principles for Client Wellness (CHPNC211)

Learn about TEF, REE, NREE, the science of refeeds and diet breaks and when to use them. You will also learn about the science of macronutrient timing and meal distribution.

Module 5: Advanced Supplementation Considerations (CHPNC212)

Learn evidence-based principles of supplementation prescription and when and how to use supplements that support human health and athletic performance.

Module 6: Nutritional Strategies for Peak Week in Client Photoshoots (CHPNC213)

Understand peak weak requirements for physique athletes, along with various peaking factors such as carb and water loading, pre-during and post comp strategies and how to peak clients for photoshoots.

Become a master of nutritional program design and understanding the complex relationship between what we consume and how that interacts with the body’s own unique, biochemical individual processes. Learn cutting edge, scientifically backed and researched methodologies for maximizing your clients’ HPL and overall wellness.

Module 1: Understanding Endocrinology for Optimizing Client HPL (CHPNC315)

Understand the relationship of our endocrine system and hormonal function with our nutritional intake and it influences overall client health, aesthetics and performance.

Module 2: Understanding Detoxification for Optimizing Client HPL (CHPNC316)

Learn more about the relationship of our liver, kidneys and detoxification pathways with our nutritional intake and how it plays a role in a high performance lifestyle.

Module 3: Optimizing Brain Chemistry for Optimizing Client HPL (CHPNC317)

Discover the relationship of our neurotransmitters with our nutritional intake and how it influences client mental health, physical body health and cognitive performance.

Module 4: Understanding Lab Analysis for Optimizing Client HPL (CHPNC318)

Find out which blood chemistry and lab tests you can use to pinpoint any potential client HPL roadblocks and then develop nutritional strategies to optimize them.

Module 5: The Science of Behavioural Change (CHPNC319)

Find out which blood chemistry and lab tests you can use to pinpoint any potential client HPL roadblocks and then develop nutritional strategies to optimize them.

You’ll Get ALL of That Knowledge 👆 Alongside High-Quality
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Advance beyond the base level of knowledge most courses provide and receive the tools and skills you need to become an industry-leading PT who adds real value to your clients through nutrition advice and coaching. 

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