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Welcome to The Industry Leaders Podcast, where WBFF Pro Maria Birova chats to some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry!  
This episode, we welcome coach and sports nutritionist Jackson Peos. 
Jackson has completed his BSc in Sports Science, and Exercise & Health, and his BSc (Hons) in Exercise Physiology. Jackson is an accredited Sports Nutritionist, and has competed previously in bodybuilding, boxing, rowing and Australian Rules football. Working previously with over 100+ clients, Jackson is a specialist in optimising body composition and exercise performance via nutrition strategies. 
Jackson currently resides in Bali and spends the majority of his time creating bespoke nutrition and training programs for clients. 
Tune in as we learn:    

  • What Jackson is working on at the moment 
  • Jackson’s approach to nutrition  
  • The most common myths Jackson WISH his clients knew when it comes to nutrition 
  • Jacksons top tips for building muscle (+ his FAVOURITE rep ranges for hypertrophy) 
  • Jacksons hacks for fat loss  
  • His top tips for new coaches and PTs, having had huge success as an online coach working completely remotely 
  • Plus, SO much more!  

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