Learn from The
Australian Strength Coach

Sebastian Oreb, also known as ‘The Australian Strength Coach’ is founder of the Strength System and Base Gym in Sydney. An elite-level powerlifter and world-leading specialist in the field of athletic training, he’s made a career out of building insane levels of strength with all of his clients.

Why Learn from Sebastian Oreb?

As an educator, he’s lectured to thousands of personal trainers around the world, teaching his methodology ‘The Strength System’, designed to get his clients strong, healthy and injury free. Now, he’s sharing all of that information with you to help you on your journey to become a leader in the field of strength coaching. 

Sebastian is one of the world’s most in-demand strength coaches. With the Strength System International Certifications, you will unlock the tried and tested methodologies that Sebastian uses to coach and program all of his clients. 

Unlock the system and supercharge your strength knowledge today.

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