Building the ultimate squat for personal trainers
by sebastian oreb


Learn how to become a strength coach by mastering program design for the lower body today!


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The #no1 System for Becoming an Expert Strength Coach

Designed by world-renowned PT, athlete and strength coach Sebastian Oreb, this online course gives you the tools you need to become an expert Strength Coach. Become an industry leader; and start creating new PBs for your clients starting today!

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What You'll Learn in the Online Strength Course...

How to get clients strong, fast!

You’ll learn how to assess, tweak and program new PBs in the squat and lower body movements!


How to coach EPIC client results

Coach EPIC results like this and grow your reputation as an industry-leading personal trainer.

Become an expert strength coach

Integrate strength coaching methods into your fitness business savely and effectively today!

Make an impact with your clients

Make a truly positive impact on your clients and watch their transformation play out in front of your eyes!

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Building the Ultimate Squat for Personal Trainers

Online Strength Coaching Course

The course teaches you how to coach strength and conditioning methods by learning the latest science blended with practical, real-world coaching tools!

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Module 1: Squat Mechanics & Variations

The what, why and how of the 4 main squat variations.


How to prescribe prehab & rehab exercises to improve joint health.

Module 3: technique mastery for the squat

How to coach the 4 squat variations to perfection!

Module 4: program design for the lower body

How to periodise the squat and lower body movements to build world class athletes.

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