From ordinary to extraordinary… September client transformation of the month!

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I often get prospective new Clean Health clients ask me just what is involved to get the physique”s of some of the client transformations we are known for. Well it is going to vary from person to person is the first thing I tell them. Things such as…

  • Training age (So how many years they have been training)
  • Lifestyle factors (Sleep, work/life balance etc)
  • Nutrition (Yes you won”t be eating weetbix and toast for breakfast anymore!)
  • Somatic body type and genetics (So are they an ectomorph, or a mesomorph etc)
  • Time (How much time can they realistically put in to achieving results)

These things and others all play a crucial role in determining just how much progression a client can make during our personal training packages. Why am I talking about all of this? Well below you can see a photo of Tom Hewett, who as you can see in just a 12 week period from late June to September was able to completely transform his physique and in doing so change his life! In just 12 weeks he was able to put on over 7kg”s of solid muscle while dropping close to 11% body fat… completely dispelling the myth that you can”t but on muscle while losing fat.

One could say he has gone from scrawny-fat to fitness model ripped! As one female client said to me just yesterday “I would stop and look twice if I saw him at the beach now!”

Tom in late June @ 82.5kg/14.8% BF and then in September @ 80.5kg/3.9% BF!!

So you are probably asking yourself, what does it take to go from scrawny to ripped like Tom in just 12 weeks? Well I will summarise my top 5 steps I implemented with Tom to achieve this radical change:

    1. I got him eating a protein and fat breakfast. I learned about the benefits of this through Charles Poliquin and it is the non-negotiable nutrition point I give to 95% of our clientele initially when they come in. (Unless they are already ripped and carb tolerant!)
    2. I monitored his body fat and lean muscle gains using the BioSignature system through this period. This also allowed me to change his nutrition and supplementation protocols over the course of the 12 weeks. The base supplements of HCL, Omega 3, Magnesium, Zinc, BCAA”s  and post workout nutrition were crucial to his success as were other specific advanced BioSignature protocols to get him into shape
    3. He did 4 different weight training programs over the course of the 12 weeks with a period of 5 days rest during this time as well. Variety is the key when it comes to achieving results in such a short period of time. Changing your program every 3 weeks will ensure that he body does not become stagnant and allow you to continuously move forward with your results
    4. We focused on compound movements. Squats, snatch grip deadlifts, chin-ups, dips etc. There were no single-legged tricep kickbacks whilst standing on a bosu or any swiss ball cable rotation or push/pull work! In fact we only trained arms directly for 6 weeks of the program. The rest of it was focusing on compound lifts once he was structurally balanced to do them (He had never squatted prior to commencing the program)
    5. We eliminated gluten from his diet. When I saw Tom for his initial consultation he was eating plenty of gluten based substances, based of my interview we ascertained that like the majority of the population he was likely gluten intolerant (later testing confirmed this) Removing this inflammatory molecule is from experience a huge limiting factor for people wanting to enhance their body composition. I was first made aware of the severe importance of this back in 2009 during a body composition internship in Rhode Island hosted by Charles Poliquin, he brought in one of the USA”s foremost gluten experts Dr Thomas O”Bryan who spent the whole day lecturing on this topic. I highly recommend that if you wish to drop body fat or put on lean muscle contact a BioSignature expert today to ascertain whether or not you could be gluten intolerant

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