How to Provide Your Clients with Value

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Written by Online Master Coach, Jade McKee

One of the ways you can ensure YOUR coaching business stands out from the rest is by making sure you are providing your clients with the best possible VALUE.

But what is value when it comes to coaching? For each client, the answer will differ, so it’s important to identify at the beginning of any client’s journey what their No. 1 problem is and how you can help them solve this. Ultimately, this will be your ‘value’.

You might be wondering why this is so important and think, “Why can’t I just figure that out later?” The importance of setting expectations at the beginning of a coach & client journey is that this will set the tone for the entire relationship. If you can identify their biggest problem from the start, something they may be struggling with and offer them a solution and then delivering on this, then you are on your way to creating a raving fan!

This is SO important as providing this type of value will not only increase your client’s satisfaction with your service, but it will also improve their experience with you. Value will help to create a point of difference between your business, and that of your competition – meaning that clients will be more inclined to reach out to you, and you will also be able to charge more for your services.

When you first meet with a client you should discuss HOW you operate as a coach, the standards you both uphold AND expect from your clients, and details of the service you will provide to them each week and constantly relating this back to ‘solving their No. 1 problem’.

For example:

  • You will be providing them with personalized training and nutrition programs, designed specifically to reach their goals
  • Your client will be attending regular check-in’s
  • Advise your client of the time frame in which you will reply to any messages or emails between standard check-in times 

THEN, you need to personalize these standards for each client AND go above and beyond with them. It might be the small things that make all the difference to a particular client!

You should also provide your clients with additional resources. Some ideas for these might include:

  • A video library – Have a videographer film short clips of you demonstrating the exercises you will be programming for your clients. Not only will this LOOK professional, but it will be extremely useful to your clients – especially any beginners you might be working with.
  • Setting up a private group on social media – This can be a friendly, non-judgemental place where your clients can meet, interact, and build rapport. You might share, or encourage your clients to share, fitness and nutrition related content they may have found and thought to be interesting – such as exercise variations, or macro-friendly recipes. The group could also be used to provide ongoing motivation and encouragement.
  • Writing a blog – Provide your clients with additional value in the form of educational material that can be posted on your website and social media platforms each week.
  • Non-training related protocols – These might address nutrition, sleep, stress management, relaxation, and mindful eating.

Again, these are ideas that will not necessarily take up a lot of your time, but could be an invaluable tool for a client starting on their health and fitness journey.

It is also important as a coach that you continue to build your skill set, focusing on your chosen niche market and putting in the work to become an industry leader in your chosen field. This ongoing education will allow you to provide the most up to date, evidence-based information to your clients – making YOU an invaluable resource to THEM.

Most of all, you need to show you CARE. Empathy goes a long way in the coaching business! This might be as easy as reaching out between check-in times to offer your clients a little extra encouragement for the week. Keep in mind – while a client might come for the results – they will STAY for the experience.

At the end of the day, providing true value to your clients is SO important because if you create a raving fan, they will be more likely to spread the world and refer you on to someone they know. The idea of building a referral based business as a coach is that you eventually won’t have to search for clients and they will come to you. This is done through providing value, getting positive, honest reviews on Google/Facebook and by word of mouth once you have delivered on your promise to provide value!

Don’t be afraid to ask clients for reviews once you have delivered on this promise because most clients will be more than happy to share their positive experiences! This can be done via an automated email, sending a friendly text after they share with you their awesome progress pics or at the end of a really awesome gym session!

Building a good referral base and increasing the number of public testimonials you have will not only build your credibility as a coach but boost your profile in the industry and set you apart from your competition!

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