NEW Fat Loss Video: Training The Female Fitness Model Round 2

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NEW Fat Loss Video: Training The Female Fitness Model Round 2

As promised on Facebook here is the blog post in relation to the new video that just went up of me taking Strength Coach and Fitness Model Rachel Guy through one of our weekly personal training sessions. With her IFBB Australians’ Bikini Model Competition coming up in just over 5 weeks the intensity of our sessions has been turned up a notch.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to program design for fat loss or hypertrophy. When I was first taken through a giant sets method of training by Charles Poliquin at a Body Composition Internship in 2009 the workout was an A1-A10, 30X0, 10 reps on each station, rest for 2-3 minutes at the end then repeat for 3-5 sets. That is the most common way of doing this type of training but it is just one way of doing this type of workout.

Knowledge unapplied is meaningless and it is easy to sit back behind a keyboard and theorize on what workouts are good and bad. When I last posted a video of me taking Rachel through this type of workout, several people in the wonderful world of Facebook commented negatively about the program design. The way I look at it, Rachel had DOMS for 6 days after it and considered it at the time one of the hardest workouts of her life. So I guess the program itself was not to bad after all!

IFBB Bikini Competitor and Clean Health Athlete Sally Matterson knows the importance of training legs for optimal fat loss results!

One thing I agree with former IFBB Pro Milos Sarcev about is to be like Bruce Lee when it comes to designing training programs – so take the information out there and then create your own style with it. Other coaches around the world whom I have met with over the years who do this really well are Wolfgang Unsold from Germany, Nick Mitchell from Ultimate Performance in London, Francine Savard from Montreal and Sebastian Oreb from Sydney. All of these coaches run successful personal training business and have the results to show for it.

Back to the workout, the theory behind this type of workout is simple… we are trying to create maximum damage to the working muscles through a variety of training stimuli hence the change in rep ranges, TUT and so on. It’s as simple of that! So we are pre-exhausting the quads in A1-A2 in fixed stations and then overloading them with a drop lunge where Rachel is moving under load. The same applies with it being more hamstring dominant with A4 and A5 then into A6 which with the bar on the back makes it a more posterior chain dominant lunge.

Keep in mind though this is Rachel’s second workout for the day, her early morning workout was a wave loading type workout concentrating more on recruiting her fast twitch muscle fibers (type II B and A) and switching her nervous system on ready for the demands of the high volume workout in the evening.

So anyway here is the workout, remember this was designed for someone who is quite conditioned… as someone who trains weekly in MMA at a high level, Rachel is extremely fit and has been lifting weights correctly for years.

A1) Leg Extension Feet Plantarflexed: 10 reps @ 3011 tempo then 10 reps fast

A2) Leg Press: 6 reps @ 5050 tempo

A3) DB Drop Lunge: 10-12 reps each leg @ 30X0 tempo

A4) Seated Leg Curl Toes Out: 10 reps @ 40X0 tempo then 10 reps with Toes In fast

A5) Lying Leg Curl Feet Neutral Poliquin: 6 reps @ 5050 tempo

A6) Walking BB 1 and ¼ Lunges: 10-12 reps each leg @ 32X0 tempo


  • You walk from station to station, that is your rest period
  • There is 2 minutes rest after A6
  • You do 5 sets in total
  • I like to add extra resistance through the concentric phase with my fingers on A2 and A5. Very rarely do people overload the concentric phase of a movement, for fat loss purposes it can add a brutal element to the workout!

If you want to see more videos and workout routines like this please post below and LIKE our Facebook page to stay up to date with more articles and information to take your results to new levels in 2012!


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