New Fat Loss Video: Training Quadriceps with IFBB Bikini Athlete Rachel Guy

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Hey everyone,

We have been getting a lot of requests through our Facebook page and in person for some more work out routines that we use to maximse our clients fat loss and/or hypertrophy goals. So in response to that we are trying to release one video blog post per week in the hope that not only will it motivate our current clients to train harder but also the greater public as a whole. However the only true way to achieve the physique of someone like Rachel whom I am training in the video below is to train hard… very hard!

Our training and nutrition coaching allows Rachel to look like this!

So on to the workout, it is a giant set rotation for quads. So A1 through to A7, that’s right 7 straight exercises for the quadriceps. Keep in mind she trained legs earlier in the day as well. Details of this workout are below:

A1) BB Back Squats: 8-10 reps @ 40X0 tempo

A2) 1 and ¼ Front Foot Elevated DB Split Squats: 6-8 reps @ 32X0 tempo

A3) Seated Leg Extension: 4-6 reps @ 5050 tempo

A4) 45 Degree OMNI Leg Press (Change foot position for each round): 8-8-8 @ 20X0 tempo

A5) Walking BB Lunges: 8-10 reps per leg @ 2110 tempo

A6) DB Poliquin Step Ups: 12-15 reps per leg @ 1111 tempo

A7) DB Heels Elevated Sissy Squats: 18-20 reps @ 20X0 tempo


  • There is no rest between exercises until you finish A7
  • You do 5 sets in total and have 2 minutes rest after A7

As you can see it is not for the faint hearted! Give it a go if you are game and like always post feedback below or on our Facebook page.

Yours in health,



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