Determining the right caloric deficit for your client

Caloric deficit

By Manny Laris Determining the right caloric deficit for your client    If your client’s goal is to lose weight and achieve an epic transformation, do you think it should be a quick or slow process? If you believe it should be the latter, you might be surprised to know it can sometimes be detrimental […]

Lose Fat By Eating Fat!

Just sharing a recent article I wrote for NineMSN Health on the benefits of omega 3 consumption. When people come up to my in the gym and ask for my top three essential supplements for fat loss, fish oil is always at the top of my list. Why? I will explain more in the article below but to sum it up if you want to:

Cheat Meal Rules?

A lot of you guys keep asking me whether or not there are certain rules to be followed when having your cheat meal. Read this great article by Coach Poliquin which outlines this in more detail: <a href=";s=p&amp;cat=Nutrition&amp;m=9&amp;y=2009" target="_blank">Cheat Meal Rules</a>
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