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Become the go-to expert in your region with the Performance Nutrition Coach Level Three Certification from Clean Health. Across five online modules, you’ll learn the most advanced, evidence-based methodologies for optimising your client’s mental health, physical health, and overall wellness no matter their age, gender, or experience.


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Become THE leader in Results-Based Nutrition Coaching Today

Do you want to scale your current career in fitness to new heights? Are you passionate about nutrition coaching and want to help clients maximise their results from all walks of life? Or maybe you just want to learn evidence-based methods for providing holistic dietary advice to your clientele?

Whatever your goals may be, The Clean Health Performance Nutrition Coach Level 3 (CHPNC3) is perfect for personal trainers, strength coaches, health professionals and fitness enthusiasts who want to set themselves apart as true industry leaders in the field of nutrition.

This course will help advance your coaching toolbox to provide the best possible online nutrition education…

Understand the relationship our hormones & neurotransmitters have on our physical & mental health.

Understand the science of neuroplasticity and how to influence client compliance

Complete five nutrition modules to enhance your career in health

Access and finish modules online from the comfort of your own home

Get access to 50+ course lessons for up to 24 months

Our Online Nutrition Coaching Program Allows You to Deliver Transformative Results for Your Clients

Most nutrition courses only give you the tools to help your clients during their 1 hour of training. How you keep them compliant for the other 23 hours of the day just isn’t covered! You already know this as an experienced coach that ultimately, your clients’ results will reflect what they eat first and how they train second!
Today’s client isn’t just after a beautiful beach body; they want to feel just as good – if not better on the inside.
Mental health matters, and in this course, we deep dive into how you can work with clients who have mental health concerns and what you can do about it.
So, in this course, we go through the entire gambit of physiological factors that could be impacting your client’s mental fitness, just as much as their physical fitness.

Nutrition Coach

Become the go-to nutrition coach

Separate yourself from other personal trainers and get certified as a nutrition coach. Go beyond the baseline requirements of being a fitness professional and help your clients achieve real, measurable change through a wealth of scientifically backed knowledge and years of in the trenches, real-world experience.

enhance your business & increase your revenue

Turn your passion for helping others into a profitable and sustainable career. Get a competitive advantage on your typical, run of the mill personal trainer. As a Performance Nutrition Coach, you can increase your rates and expand your service offering today!

earn more, work less

By becoming a subject matter expert after Level 3, you will be able to decrease the time spent getting results with your clients, armed with world-leading knowledge. As a result, spend less time with your clients and have more time to help others, all whilst you earn more money doing what you love.

change humanity for the better

As fitness professionals, we know that disease prevention starts inside the body. So, make an impact on humanity by helping people achieve optimal levels of health inside and out and watch their transformation play out right in front of your very eyes.

Fitness Industry

Become a recognised leader in the fitness industry

Follow in the footsteps of industry giants such as Mark Carroll, Lauren Simpson, and many of the world’s leading fitness professionals, who have at some point either worked for us or studied with us. Success leaves clues… Learning with Clean Health, you will become a go-to expert in the field of nutrition and physical transformations.

If you’re looking to achieve all of this and more, you’re in the right place!

Performance Nutrition


Performance Nutrition
Coach Level 3 (CHPNC3)

The #1 Online Evidence-Based Nutrition Certification!

With this exclusive, internationally renowned program, you get everything you need to become an expert nutrition coach. By the end of the course, you’ll have absorbed years of knowledge and experience to set you apart as a personal trainer truly.

The PNC certification combines years of expert personal training results with the latest scientific, evidence-based information in nutrition and human behavioural psychology.

The outcome for you at the end of this?

You will learn how to truly make a change with your client, both short and long-term. You will be able to help them from every angle regarding their mental health, physical health, and overall well-being.

The Most In-Depth Nutrition Coaching
Certification In The World!

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn In CHPNC3…

Module 1: Understanding Endocrinology for Client Health (CHPNC315)

Understand the impact that our hormones have on our body composition and energy levels, such as testosterone, growth hormone, insulin and more.

Module 2: Understanding Detoxification for Client Health (CHPNC316)

Learn about the impact different amino acids have on our bodies ability to detoxify and their effects on overall health, fat loss & performance.

Module 3: Optimising Brain Chemistry for Client Mental Health (CHPNC317)

Learn how our neurotransmitters regulate our dopamine, serotonin, and other compounds to either positively or negatively influence mental health.

Module 4: Understanding Lab Analysis for Client Health (CHPNC318)

Learn how to use standard blood chemistry assessments to pinpoint biochemical roadblocks for optimising client health and results.

Module 5: The Science of Behaviour Change (CHPNC319)

Learn about the future of performance coaching when we unpack the science of neuroplasticity and how you can integrate this into your coaching or consulting practice to maximise client compliance and business profitability.

Discover Our Innovative and
Informative Learning Experience!

Check Out a Lesson Sample…

Clean Health Is One of The World’s Top Fitness Industry Educators

Fitness Industry Educators

Here’s Why Students from Around the World Choose Us

As a personal trainer working day today in the trenches with your clients, you need to feel as if your chosen curriculum will ensure your ability to get results with your clients. With Clean Health, you can feel comfortable and confident in your career, no matter whether you are new or experienced in the industry.

Follow in the footsteps of some of the best of the best and let us give you the tools and skills you need to become an outstanding results-producing coach who adds life-changing value to your clients through nutrition advice and coaching.

Here’s Everything You’ll Have
Access to When You Enrol Today:

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Total USD $388.00

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Haven’t completed PNC levels 1 and 2 yet?

If You Want to Set Yourself Apart from Other Personal Trainers, The Complete Performance Nutrition Coach (PNC1-3) Certification is Just What Your Career Needs!

While the Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 and 2 teach you the core knowledge behind dietary program design, nutrition systems and periodisation – the complete PNC certification gives you the ultimate nutrition toolkit to improve your clients mental and physical health.

If you want to learn ALL there is to know about nutrition, you might find it useful to go for the full package!

Performance Nutrition
Coach L1


Nutritional science fundamentals

Nutritional program design

The basics of nutrition coaching

Performance Nutrition
Coach Bundle


Advanced nutritional science

Base nutritional program design

Expert nutrition coach training

Optimising client health and HPL

Understanding lab analysis

Science of behavioural change

So much more!

Sign-Up for CHPNC3 Now & you Will Take a Giant Leap Forward When It Comes to Your Personal Training Career

This course will give you all the tools you need to truly take your client results to new heights, understanding everything from mental health and lab testing to the science of neuroplasticity and behavioural change.

Ready to act now?