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Clean Health is one of the world’s leading online fitness educators, sharing over 20 years of knowledge with more than 40,000 students in over 80 countries.  

Our range of online, easy-to-access courses are developed by the industry’s very best, across nutrition, fitness business, sports science and strength and conditioning. 

Master Personal Trainer

Become a fully-qualified PT and unlock one of the most advanced program in the world. With additional self-paced certifications and hands-on guidance from world-class instructors, you’ll have the tools you need to become an industry-leader in the field of fitness! 

Personal Trainer - Nutrition Specialist

Become a fully-qualified PT and focus on diet and nutrition. Designed in collaboration between Clean Health and Dr. Layne Norton PhD, this program gives you the tools you need to become a top-quality nutrition coach! 

Personal Trainer - Strength Specialist

Become a fully-qualified PT and specialising in strength. Designed in collaboration between Clean Health and Sebastian Oreb, this online program gives you the tools you need to become a specialist PT who can also coach clients as an industry-leading strength coach.