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Become a Nutrition Coach Performance Nutrition Coach
Complete Certification

Become an expert in
Program Design
Performance PT Coach Complete Certification

Become a go-to
strength coach
Strength System International Certification

Learn cutting edge
BIoLayne Complete Certification

Master business
essentials as a PT
PT Business Essentials

Master the art of fat
loss transformations
Fat Loss Transformations Secrets

you will learn about…

Master the initial consultation & advanced diagnostic tools.
Corrective exercise prescription for posture, strength & more.
Structural balance assessment for the lower & upper body.
Cutting-edge research in fat loss, hypertrophy, and more.
Advanced program design and periodisation for fat loss.
Program design & periodisation for strength development.
Advanced program design for hypertrophy and body recomp.
Energy systems and cardio training methodologies.
Prescribing evidence-based diet and meal plans.
How to coach transformations on repeat systematically!
Supplementation for general health and sports performance.
Nutrition systems 101, including low carb, IIFYM, fasting & more!
The science of stress and the latest research on meditation.
How to build a 6, and even 7-figure fitness business.

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Why Study with
Clean Health?

Most “big-box” fitness institute program design and nutrition certifications either contain rubbish or give
you a ton of information without the tools to apply it!

Well, Clean Health solves that 💪

Founded in 2008 by expert PTs, nutritionists and our CEO, Daine McDonald, we’re the trusted source of results-based fitness education for personal trainers worldwide.

We began as a PT and nutrition coaching organisation focused on getting epic results using the science of lifestyle, nutrition, and training. In 2012, we opened our first of several gyms that did 250,000+ coaching sessions over their lifespan. 

During that time, we started educating PTs, and now, as an accredited fitness institute, we’ve certified over 60,000 personal trainers, medical professionals and nutritionists worldwide, including experts such as Mark Carroll and Lauren Simpson.

Our curriculum creators feature the #GOATS of the fitness industry, like Dr Layne Norton, Brian Mark, Dr Bill Campbell, Sebastian Oreb, Jackson Peos PhD and more.

We only teach you coaching tools that are evidence-based and proven to work… unlike the traditional,
cookie-cutter fitness institutes  (You know who you are).

Student Reviews


671 Reviews
S Rosier
S Rosier
2 months ago
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The Performance PT level 1 was extremely informative. I believe it is one of the best certifications out there for personal trainers who are just starting out, or simple looking to build on their already known skills.
Crystal Phillips
Crystal Phillips
4 months ago
Read More
I’ve loved both courses I’ve taken from Clean Health Institute. They have made me more knowledgeable and a better personal trainer. Excited to take advantage of more in the future!
Hong Kuang Seow​
Hong Kuang Seow​
2 months ago
Read More
Grateful to have learnt a ton from Daine’s most recent Personal Trainer Business Essential Course. Definitely will apply what I’ve learnt to my PT journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: This program combines our four core certifications, the Performance Nutrition Coach, Performance PT Coach, Strength System International and Biolayne Nutrition Coach. Plus, you get access to our fitness business course, fat loss transformations course and iNutrition Pro software. Buying it like this is A) much cheaper than buying them all at once and B) gives you 12-18 months of locked-in study that you can integrate into your fitness business to help your clients.
A: No, there is not, just a positive attitude and passion for health and fitness. The program is self-paced, so that you can start anytime! It is best suited for current personal trainers who want to “level up” OR those who want to get started as personal trainers or nutrition coaches.
A: Yes! You can pay monthly over 8 instalments to assist your cash flow!

A: Short answer – 1) Cheaper per course overall and 2) speed to having a successful career.

You’re here because you value speed and want to accelerate the learning curve and fast-track your client results and business as a new personal trainer.

Long answer –you’ll learn more about personal training, program design, periodisation, nutrition coaching, and holistic lifestyle protocols than most trainers or coaches will earn in an entire career.

This program is the blueprint to success that has been battle-tested in the trenches, so bet on yourself and go all in; your career is worth it! 

A: Yes, you can, and best of all, it’s a self-paced study, which you have two years to complete if life gets in the way!
A: The PNC and Biolayne Certifications, integrated into this program, are based explicitly on our unique nutrition coaching methods acquired from over 250,000 client appointments as practitioners. These have been designed through years of real-world experience, blended with the latest cutting-edge scientific research. They are not run-of-the-mill nutrition certifications. It’s designed to help you get results immediately whilst ensuring your clients progress safely and effectively.

A: Yes, it does as a nutritionist to provide dietary advice to the general population. Contact our team directly to organise through our third-party provider NSure.

A: A ton! You’ll have access to our exclusive student mentoring groups, support team and master coaches to help you along your study journey!

A: Yes, you get over a dozen! On top of that, you also get added to our global trainer directory as a certified Clean Health coach.

A: Yes, you will receive over 50 CEUs with this program!