Podcast episode Marc Zionts

Marc Zionts – Episode 3 – Industry Leaders Podcast


In episode 3 of the Clean Health Industry Leaders Podcast, we’re joined by Executive Chairman of Precision Nutrition, Marc Zionts to discuss the new world of remote working and how businesses should adapt and optimise to succeed.

As a businessman, athlete, and environmentalist, Marc Zionts has been successfully leading companies since 1987 whilst also acting as Independent Board Director for TEOCO and Friends of the Earth, a Washington D.C.-based environmentalist justice group.

In this episode titled ‘How to Optimize Business Performance in a Remote Working Environment’, Marc covers:

Optimizing business performance in the new age of remote work
How Precision Nutrition became one of the global leaders in nutrition certification
The best ways to change your clients behaviour to achieve maximum results
In closing this episode will provide you with a ton of evidence-based, yet practical gems that you can implement with yourself and clients the very next day. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in with the buttons below!