On this week’s episode, Daine McDonald interviews Mat Steinwede.


Mat Steinwede has gone from being a homeless drug addict on Australia’s Most Wanted List to amassing a multimillion-dollar real estate empire and becoming one of the country’s most successful real estate agents.


Mat’s achievements have him recognised by global sales leaders and as a thought leader and emerge as an in-demand high-performance speaker.


Besides being regarded as an expert on sales, business and improving your life through mastering your energy, Mat has helped thousands of people change their life and achieve what they want.


Tune in as you learn:

  • Billion dollar sales secrets from someone who has sold billions in real estate
  • 31 mins app: training, nutrition, frequency and finance
  • Mindset, routine, being in shape no matter the age
  • The proven sale systems and habits Mat implements for business growth
  • Mat’s ‘Millionaire Morning Routine’ and Mindset Hacks


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His team consists of industry experts such as Layne Norton PhD, Bill Campbell PhD, Hattie Boydle, Sebastian Oreb, Brian Mark, Jackson Peos PhD, Cole Dasilva and many more!

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