How to Maximize Your Time & Increase Revenue

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By Lauren Killey

As a coach, you should aim to work ‘smarter not harder.’ This fitness industry is constantly changing, and growing, it is highly saturated with personal trainers, online coaches, the next challenge and the next big thing. If you want to stay ahead, succeed as a personal trainer or build your brand and your personal business, you should be aiming to maximize your time and increase revenue.

To make the most of your time, and increase your revenue as a coach, you should focus on these three key things:

  1. Under-promise, over deliver
  2. Systems, systems, systems
  3. Manage Expectations

Value is vital to ensure you are giving your clients what they need, but also providing top-class service and experience as a coach. So, under-promise and over deliver on your services. You must understand what you can provide, and what your clients need, as a basic service first. This might mean their training and nutritional programming and check-ins. But, you will then determine what you can add on top of this basic service, which will not consume too much of your time, but will increase value for your clients.

For example, on top of training and nutrition programming and check ins, you may offer education in the form of a weekly blog you send out to all clients, but also to a public data base to boost your brand. You might provide an app with a video library of exercises, and daily goal check-sheets to help boost accountability. It may even just come down to caring about your clients. This sounds like a simple thing, but genuine interest in your client, and their goal, will go a long way! Message clients on a Monday with a quick, motivational message. Personalize an end of week message focused around client’s individual circumstances. These are small things, which will go a long way and very easily allow you to under-promise and provide what your clients need, whilst over-delivering and offering a premium service and coaching experience.

Part of managing this process efficiently, will come down to your SYSTEMS. You should have a system for everything you do as this will not only allow you to manage your time efficiently, it will ensure you keep ‘on top’ of everything you need to do on a day to day basis. Having a clear system for your client check ins, programming, communication etc. will help you structure your week accordingly.

For example, using a scheduling program for client sessions, using an app for programming, having a particular day and time every week which is dedicated to check-ins or client updates. The more systems you have in place, the more habits and routines you will create and this will ultimately make you better at managing your time. Once you have a clear schedule, you will be able to maximize what you get done each hour! Too often time is wasted when we do not know what, or how to do something. Once your systems are in place, you will find you have far more free time. With that free time, you can work on building your business, becoming more educated as a coach or boosting your revenue streams further.

Finally, in order to do the above, you must manage expectations. Both your own, and your clients. Understand what you can achieve on a day to day basis and stick to the boundaries you set for yourself. When starting with a new client, set out clear expectations and boundaries right from the initial consult! This will mean you know your limits, and do not exceed them and your client knows exactly what to expect from your coaching services.   

These three things will ensure you are maximizing your time and thus, able to consistently improve your systems. You can focus on providing an incredible service for your clients to ensure resigns and positive reviews, keeping your revenue stream flowing! But, at the same time, with systems in place, and time-management protocols helping you to maximize each day, you will be able to become further educated as a coach, increasing revenue streams further.

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