Final 4 weeks ‘COMP PREP BLAST’ program… for the fitness model and figure athlete!

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With 2012’s first round of physique competitions coming up we tend to see a spike in enquires from competitors looking to get the edge in the lead up to their shows as we are known for helping our clients achieve rapid body composition changes in a very short period of time.

Please note this program is only for competitors who are already in comp shape, for example if you come in at over 20% body fat we can not get you up on stage in 4 weeks! So over those last 4-6 weeks the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Are you tight enough all over?
  • In particular have your legs and mid-section come in?
  • What are your weak points?
  • Do you know what you are doing with your nutrition in that final phase, in particular in that last week? Water, carb loading etc
  • Do you know how to present yourself optimally for your physique?
  • Tanning, make-up… the right bikini etc. Have you got this all under control?

If you answered no to any of those questions then our 4-week comp-prep blast program might be for you. So what does it involve?

  • You will train 2 x per week for 4 weeks with one of our experienced coaches
  • You will have your BioSignature done 4 times throughout this period to ensure your body fat and lean mass is manipulated to optimize your physique for on stage
  • You will have 2 x posing lessons to ensure you know how to present your physique to your advantage with INBA probationary judge Jes Murphy or the 2009 ANB Asia Pacific Sports Model Champ Claudine Newton
  • Our team will help you on the day with all of your backstage tanning, pump up etc

So if this is you CONTACT US TODAY to find out how we can help take you to the next level this comp season!

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