Looking to compete in Fitness/Sports Model or Bikini in 2012? Then look no further…

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Well we are now nearly a month into 2012 and for most of us back into the regular routine of work and life. From experience this is the time of the year that although people start with great intentions they start to slack off as juggling that work, life, family, health balance is not always an easy task.

One of the best things I find to correct this is to give people goals to aim towards. One of the goals we get from many of our female clients is that they would eventually like to compete in a fitness/sports model competition. So although the idea of stepping on stage might be a fantasy for many women when they step through the doors to start training, as their physiques transform over the weeks and month months we have seen time and time again that dream become a reality.

Rachel Guy – Fitness Model, Strength Coach and current Clean Health client for the 2012 competitive season!

So if you are looking at stepping on stage in 2012 we can provide you with all the necessary tools to help you get up on stage. Our 12 and 24 week Fitness Model Preparation Program caters to those of you who are either close to getting up on stage or a fair way away just yet. We cover everything including:

  • Nutrition – we provide you with the right type of nutritional plan for you based of your BioSignature assessment and subsequent lab analysis and blood work we get you to do, so that we can work from the inside out so that you are not only in shape, but healthy as well!
  • Training – we provide you with specific, periodised training programs usually reserved for elite level athletes. Your programs change every 3-4 weeks and we place a huge emphasis on weight training along with interval based conditioning and strongman training in place of traditional steady stage aerobic work. Our girls do not train for hours and hours per day yet still get into great shape!
  • Presentation – having won an international title herself and coming from a professional dancing background Clean Health Director Claud Newton along with Senior Coach Jes Murphy will ensure you know how to pose and present yourself, pick the right bikini and maximize your physique up on stage. They can also help with choreographing your routine.

Currently we are coaching close to 20 women Australia wide face to face and through our program. Our industry leading methods have produced several national champions and top 3 places over the last few years in numerous competitions including the 2011 IFBB Bikini Nationals, 2009 and 2011 ANB Asia Pacific Championships Sports Model, 2011 ANB Asia Pacific Championships Fitness Model and 2011 INBA Universe Bikini.

Check out our testimonials section for some feedback from some of the competitors we have worked with. For more information contact us today to start your Fitness Model journey in 2012!

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Sally Matterson – 2011 ANB APAC Fitness Model 3rd Place is getting ready for a big showing in the 2012 season!

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