An Equal World is An Enabled World

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By Master Coach Leticia Lockhart

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day…

Let’s cast the clock back a few years. Imagine yourself walking into a gym, towards the weights room. What would you see? Generally speaking, it would be men.

I know myself I would cast a glance of curiosity at the squat rack, then skittishly two-step across to the elliptical or treadmill to get my sweat session on. 

I was privy to the lemon detox diet, any and all of the cleanses and binge-restrict cycles – you name it I did it. I was uneducated and unsupported in my attempts to “get fit”.

Fast forward to 2020 and many of the biggest names in fitness, health and wellness that spring to mind are females. I am grateful for these role models for guiding myself and many female trainees towards weight-training, their efforts have seen a gradual and emerging shift of females setting out to train to be “strong and sexy instead of skinny & “toned”.

Through recent years we have seen “Female Physique” seminars being held around the world, educating women on how to achieve the curves they so desire, combined with nutritional education from coaches on how to fuel their bodies for optimal performance. 

For many of us nowadays, we look to females figures and their STORY to understand HOW and WHY they have elevated their lives through physical exercise, mental fitness and nutritional awareness. We respect vulnerability, and those that share their experience, strength and hope with others. The new face of fitness is emerging, and it is all encompassing, shame free and encourages self expression to improve vitality and quality of life.

I know as a coach, that even more males are seeking the coaching and guidance of female trainers. But why? Why the shift in an industry once so heavily dominated by the male population? I believe, simply, it is because we are displaying the delicate balance of physical strength, emotional availability and mental resilience. And they want in.

The fitness industry, whether it be group classes, Big Box or Boutique gyms, Yoga studios or the world of Competing, has seen a shift towards an all encompassing community. The camaraderie between bikini competitors is impeccable, lasting friendships are formed and we recognise the “journey” rather than the end result whether it be a competition, a lifestyle transformation or simply hitting a record in the gym.

My very own journey towards fitness stemmed from repairing my own trauma. I longed for connections and a safe space to grow and re-establish my identity. The health and fitness industry in 2020 is now that space.

I am eternally grateful for movement’s such as Imperfectly Perfect & The Rising Woman, and those rising up to share and shown up to help others.

I come from a family who see my trials and tribulations as shameful, something that should have judgement applied and should be hidden away in a dark closet and forgotten about. 

My passion as a coach lies in shifting the mindset of my clients. No longer will I allow a client to only train to “lose weight”. I want my clients to experience a fulfilling lifestyle.

This means encompassing ALL of the pillars of health and wellness. It means to love their body in all its phases.

So as females, let’s ELEVATE together.

March 8 is international women’s day, a global celebration of women’s achievements and progress. But is also a day where we recognise the efforts of female equality globally.

I truly believe strong women help build and elevate others. We can only do this if we recognise that there are still vast pockets of the world where womens rights, lifestyle and career progression fall short to the male population or the government of their country. 

So this International Womens day, I invite you to think of the women in your life who you can lend a helping hand to. Bringing that friend who Is struggling along to a group class, exposing them to community might just be enough to shift their mental state and allow them to break free from their own internal chains.

Make your journey known, share your strengths with the world and please tag @leticialockhartcoaching @cleanhealthfitnessinstitute so we can keep the female community within the fitness industry growing and expanding.

There is such power in storytelling, in community, in leaning on each other and in being heard.

We can, person by person, lead the world towards gender equality. But it first starts with a self belief that we are enough. It starts in the communities we live in, the females we support and uphold. And the space we hold for each other to be just as we are.

Happy International Womens day to all my ladies out there, and to the men that treat them as equal.

Clean Health Master Coach Leticia Lockhart


Clean Health Fitness Institute

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