NEW Fat Loss Video: Training The Female Fitness Model – Shoulders with Sally Matterson

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NEW Fat Loss Video: Training The Female Bikini Model – Shoulders with Sally Matterson

Okay thanks to getting 100 likes on our Facebook post as promised here is a new fat loss video featuring the 2011 ANB Asia Pacifics Fitness Model 3rd Place getter and now IFBB Bikini Model Sally Matterson.

In the video below she is taken through a nice little shoulders routine by yours truly designed to stimulate blood flow to the shoulders, triggering the development of lean muscle whilst also dropping body fat. As a bikini model Sally is judged on her symmetry, so having some ‘caps’ (i.e; shoulder development) is crucial to her success.

Through focusing on developing her shoulders with workouts like below Sally rounded out her physique in 2011

When it comes to non competing females having some developed shoulders can also help balance out ones physique, as it can help create that illusion of a slim waist line. So please don’t get it confused with having ‘broad’ shoulders. Simply put having some lean and developed delts can help you out!

Back to the video, with just over 4 weeks until Sally competes at the 2012 IFBB Australasian Championships she is training shoulders two times per day twice per week to ensure they are up to scratch. This was her second workout of the day; the morning workout focused more on heavier compound movements for the shoulders and back with lower reps and longer rest periods.

The workout in this video is as follows:

A1) Seated DB Arnold Press: 6 reps @ 3010 tempo then dropset into 6 reps @ 5050 tempo

A2) Standing Unilateral Cable Lateral Raise: 10 reps @ 3011 tempo

A3) Seated DB Sarcev Lateral Raise: 6 reps @ 6012 tempo

A4) Seated DB Bent-Over Pronated Grip Posterior Delt Raise: 12 reps @ 2010 tempo

A5) Prone 60 Degree Neutral Grip Posterior Delt Raise: 6 reps @ 2016 tempo

A6) Prone 45 Degree Neutral Grip Posterior Delt Raise: 12 reps @ 2010 tempo


  • You walk from station to station, that is your rest period
  • There is 2 minutes rest after A6
  • You do 5 sets in total
  • Make sure you do two warm up circuits before you commence set 1

If you want to see more videos and workout routines like this please post below and LIKE our Facebook page to stay up to date with more articles and information to take your results to new levels in 2012!


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