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Functional NeurologyTrigenics is what is known as ‘Functional Neurology’, the practice of strengthening or lengthening a muscle through nerve innervation. Recently Senior Trainer Rawdon Dubois and I attended their Certified Trainer Upper Body Module in Sydney.

Having coached people for many years you will find most clients when training have a muscle deficit or imbalance from right to left, poor range of motion, or are chronically tight in certain body parts inhibiting their progressions with lifting weights. Trigenics Trainers can overcome these roadblocks, however Trigenics is not soft tissue therapy.

Trigenics is a hands-on procedure whereby the nerve of a muscle can be stimulated by manual recalibration to either strengthen (for weak muscles) or lengthen (for short muscles).  These facilitation’s only need to be implemented one to three times for a PERMANENT result.

For instance, a client may not have the capacity to fulfill a body weight chin up as their subscapularis and latissimus dorsi on their right side does not fire and activate, therefore making the move too impossible for the recruitment of other muscles responsible for the exercise to take the entire load and complete the lift. A few manual strengthening facilitations will “ignite” the nerves inside the muscle forcing it into “waking up”. 

Within minutes the client is performing full range body weight chin-ups.This is huge when we look at ways to improve client results, increasing ones ability to do certain exercises – in this case a chin-up – is going to translate to faster body composition and strength gains in the gym!

Another example would be a client being unable to perform front squats as their wrist will not allow enough extension to hold the bar on their shoulders. A Trigenics treatment would lengthen the connecting muscles down the forearm into the wrist to allow greater extension from the chronically tight area. After a Trigenics lengthening procedure the client will immediately feel more mobility and range of movement through their once overly tight wrist extensors and have success with now holding the bar in that position without the discomfort they formerly experienced.

Until recently, Trigenics has been fairly under wraps with only a few selected Practitioners and Medical Professionals specialising in the innovating technique for rehabilitation purposes.  However, the founder of the Trigenics movement, Dr Austin, has opened the skill set to elite trainers with an in depth knowledge of anatomy, so the technique can cross over to the weights room and help anyone who needs it.

If you suffer from chronic or acute muscle weakness or shortness and feel it is stagnating your progress in the weights room, I recommend seeing a qualified Trigenics Trainer for immediate facilitation, you will serge onwards and upwards with your training goals from there on. For more information Trigenics visit their website:

To book in for an assessment or to get some treatment done contact us today!

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Claudine Newton

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