Client Interview Of The Month – November 2011

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Client Name: Nick Moen

Client Goal: Lean Muscle Gain

Results So Far: Started training in December 2010 at 26%, this past September Nick competed in his first bodybuilding show at under 8% body fat. That’s a body fat loss of close to 20%. His weight during this time changed by 10kg’s overall along with a lean muscle gain of close to 12kg’s.

SM: What made you choose Clean Health out of all the other Personal Training Companies offering transformation packages?

NM: I decided to train with Rawdon Dubois from Clean Health because I knew he had competed in bodybuilding before, and had seen how he had trained others at the gym I went to at the time. My goal was to compete in a bodybuilding show in 2011, and I knew I needed a coach for that.

Nick (L) in May at 19% body fat and in July at under 10% body fat (R)

SM: From your first consultation with Rawdon what were the initial feelings about undergoing the transformation?

NM: At the first consultation with Rawdon, he noted I ate a conventional diet for bodybuilding, that had caused me to become insulin resistant – so alot of oats, pasta, breads, and too many carbs. He told me to cut gluten immediately, and gave me a sample food plan that included red meat and nuts for breakfast, and lots of quality fish oil. The red meat for breakfast wasn’t a huge shock to me, as I’d heard of Branch Warren (pro bodybuilder), eating steak for breakfast before.

SM: How did you stay focused during your transformation and what tools were given to help this?

NM: Even though I was around 26% body fat at the time, I had been training at the gym for many years, so I was mentally prepared to go through all the hard training, and stick to the Paleo diet from the start. Also the fact that Rawdon changed my programs every 3-4 weeks was great as it gave me a wide variety of training stimulus over the course of the year.

SM: Now that you have an amazing physique to be proud of do you feel this is maintainable?

I stayed focussed because I love to train, and through the monthly feedback from Rawdon and Daine, and the visible progress I was making – it’s awesome to see the body fat percentage and skinfolds decreasing. Daine prescribed different supplements throughout the year, as my priority sites (taken from the BioSig) changed. It’s very interesting to see how hormones influence body fat distribution on the body. Some people are anti supplements, but due to soils in our times being more nutrient deficient, and our levels of body toxicity being higher than 30-50 years ago, I believe supplements are vital and are a big reason on why I was able to change my physique so drastically in 2011.

Nick all tanned up before he competed in his first amateur men’s natural bodybuilding show!

SM: Seeing you have achieved such an amazing feat going from “lazy office worker” to “super ripped office worker” where to from here for Nick Moen?

NM: I definitely feel maintaining the physique is achievable. After working in the corporate world for the last decade I have decided to change careers and move into the fitness industry as it is something I am much more passionate about. I recently completed my Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness and am about to do the Poliquin Level 1 and 2 Strength Coach program along with BioSignature. I now plan on becoming a PT in 2012 and competing in bodybuilding again in September.

Thank you Nick for providing us an insight into your time so far with Clean Health and we look forward to seeing you progression into a new industry in 2012 and even greater results with your training!



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