How to Set Your Self up for Success in The New Year

With the new year just around the corner… this is when most people’s motivation is at its peak for the year as they aim to embark on their new year’s fitness journey.  Fast forward to late February or March and that motivation has usually started to dwindle and it is not long before they are […]

Understanding How Detoxification Works and Simple Steps to Improve It

Detoxification is a chain of events that relies on multiple systems and organs in the body. If any of the links in the chain are compromised or impaired, the elimination of toxins becomes inefficient, and toxins are retained by the body. The main organs/systems of detoxification in the body include: The Skin The Respiratory System The Lymphatic […]

Explaining Macro, Meso & Microcycles

Macro, Meso and Micro Cycles – what are they? Although the terms sound slightly confusing, they are actually quite straightforward concepts. Before we get into what each term means it is important to note that coaches rarely use these terms in practice; instead the approaches are applied when it comes to programming and periodization. To […]

5 Things I Learned at Charles Poliquin’s Advanced Program Design Seminar

Over the years I have attended countless seminars and consulted privately with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry. But from all the great coaches I have learned from one stands above the rest and that’s Charles Poliquin aka Strength Sensei. What separates Charles from the rest is that while most favour one […]