5 Tips to Take your PT Business to $250,000 plus annually!

Dear personal trainer, It took me eight years of training 50-60 sessions per week before earning over $250,000 in one year as a personal trainer. That year was 2010.  My income went from approx. $200,000 to just over $500,000 in the space of 12 months, as I took up online coaching and started selling solutions […]

Fat Loss Video For Hamstrings with IFBB Bikini Competitor Sally Matterson

Okay today we have IFBB Bikini competitor and Clean Health athlete Sally Matterson being taken through a fat loss workout designed purely for her posterior chain… so her hamstrings and glutes.

It was her second legs workout of the day; the earlier one consisted of lower reps, more sets and longer rest periods. The one you see here was based of the equipment selection in the gym Clean Health Director Daine McDonald is taking her through.