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Progress Photo Portal

Taking progress pictures is one of the best methods to assess how you are tracking! 

Numbers are great, but often the numbers do not reflect the progress we are making, which is why we want to use different methods and correlate the data to ensure clarity in our assessment.

Photos are a great way to see the changes in fat loss, lean body mass and even the change in body shape and posture. 

How to take photos

  1. Make sure you have good lighting (a nice bright room is best). 
  2. During the day, when the natural light is high, is the optimal time to take your photos. 
  3. Try and have a neutral or blank background or use the same place in every photo for consistency. 
  4. Ensure the camera is set up or the photo is taken from the same place each time 
  5. You will need to take a front, side and back photo like the images below.  
  6. Ideally, you should take photos in a relaxed state and in a tensed state to see differences in shape in both states. 

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