Top 5 Tips to Motivate Your Clients

Written by Lauren Irvine There’s nothing more exciting for a client than starting a new program with a coach. Motivation is often high in the beginning, with clients determined to hit their goals. But a few weeks in, they may not be getting results as quickly as they thought, or they’re not as enthusiastic about […]

Strength Vs Hypertrophy Training

Written by Master Coach Kim Leggett When it comes to goal-specific resistance training, understanding the acute training variables and how to change these over time in order to elicit the right results is one of the most-challenging aspects of programming. Variables such as exercise selection, sequence, sets, reps, rest periods and time under tension will […]

Understanding Maintenance Calories

Your client has finished their fat loss phase, making it to their goal weight. Check. They then followed their reverse diet to a tee. Check.What comes next? What is the benefit of your client eating at their maintenance level of calories? What are “maintenance” calories? When your client is eating at “maintenance”, this is the […]