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Learn From One of The World’s Best Strength Coaches...

Designed by Sebastian Oreb (the Australian Strength Coach!), this online course is your chance to leverage his extensive experience to become the next industry-leading personal trainer or strength coach!

Learn how to design expert strength programs for your clients

Complete 5 strength and conditioning modules 100% online

Learn from one of the worlds most respected strength coaches

Access and finish modules online from the comfort of your own home

Get access to 50+ course lessons and level up instantly

Learn From Sebastian Oreb,
The Australian Strength Coach!

Sebastian Oreb is founder of the Strength System and Base Gym in Sydney. An elite-level powerlifter and world-leading specialist in the field of athletic training, he’s made a career out of building insane levels of strength with all of his clients.

As an educator, he’s lectured to thousands of personal trainers around the world, teaching his methodology ‘The Strength System’, designed to get his clients strong, healthy and injury free.

Enhance Your PT Offer & Deliver Superior Strength Results For Your Clients Every Day 🏋️

To make a real, measurable impact on your clients, you need to go above and beyond. Sure, you’ve already ticked the box of qualifying as a PT – but ask yourself if you’re really delivering a first-class service that encourages life-changing progress.

Becoming a master of strength training has huge potential for a successful, rewarding and long-term career in fitness. In a highly-competitive industry, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. You just need a course that can help you…

Become an expert strength coach

Separate yourself from the pack and get certified as a strength coach. 

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Build a meaningful career around what you care about, and help people achieve their goals.

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Scale your business (and your prices!) as you gain more experience as an expert strength specialist.

Change lives for the better

Share your strength knowledge and expertise to achieve results for general population clients & elite athletes alike. 

Become a recognised personal trainer

Combine your qualifications and certifications with your love of strength to become a go-to expert.

If you’re looking to achieve all of this and more, you’re in the right place!


Strength System Certification
Level 1

A Results-Based Online Strength & Conditioning Course

This online course allows you to provide significantly more value as a PT, opening up opportunities to work with athletes in a variety of sports including rugby, basketball, football, powerlifting, weightlifting, MMA, judo, boxing and more.

Learn To Thrive As a Strength Coach Or Specialised PT!

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn In the Online Course…

Module 1: Assessing structural balance for strength development (ssic11)

Learn the definition of structural balance in application, and the ways you can design a program that adheres to the principles of structural balance.

Module 2: Technique fundamentals for the key lifts (ssic12)

Learn how to move under load with upper body pushing and pulling movements, square variations, deadlift variations for the upper and lower body.

Module 3: principles of periodisation for strength development (ssic13)

Learn the programming principles of load selection, progressive overload, sets and reputations, and exercise selection to influence the training outcomes for your clients.

Module 4: principles of recovery for strength development (ssic14)

Learn about the techniques to promote proper rest and recovery  to maximise training and reaching your goals or the goals of your clients.

Module 5: nutrition for sports performance (ssic15)

Learn the fundamentals of nutrition for sports performance to maximise performance body composition management and recovery. 

Check Out a Sample Lesson from the Course 🎓

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Why the COMPLETE The Strength System International Complete Might Be Perfect For You…

While level 1 teaches you the core information around periodisation and recovery, the complete certification gives you everything you need to succeed as a strength-focused PT. You get access to Strength System Certification Level One, Two and Three to help you take a step beyond the competition.

This is why we recommend the full package 👇

Strength System Certification L1


Strength training fundamentals

Base program design

The basics of lifting

Strength System Complete Certification


Advanced strength training

Enhanced program design

Lifting for different athletes

Programming for different clients

Functional anatomy for strength

Prehab prescription

So much more!

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