Learn The Tools You Need to Design Life-Changing Training Programs for Fat Loss, Hypertrophy and Athletic Performance

Evolve your personal training business and learn how to achieve industry-leading client transformations in record time. Fast track your career trajectory with the Performance PT Coach Level Two Certification from Clean Health. Across five online modules, you will go from ordinary to extraordinary as you learn the latest science blended with real-world application for program design for your clients.


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“I highly recommend Clean Health to anyone that is wanting to start out in the fitness industry or is already in the fitness industry wanting to learn more.”

Lauren Simpson

Clean Health Graduate & WBFF Pro
Bikini Pro World Champion


Jonathan, S. USA

Great course with good execution and delivery of information.


Sonya, A. Australia

Love all Clean Health courses, Level 2 was no different to the quality Clean Health have become known for. Great course!


Daniel, F. USA

Great course, super easy to follow and I have built so much knowledge when it comes to cueing exercises! 10/10 recommend.


Stephanie, M. Australia

Loved Level 1 – Level 2 was even better!!!

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Fast Track your Career Success from Trainers Who Have Done It Before!

Have you been in the industry a few years and are ready to level up your programming to get some serious results? Or have you recently started your career and want to learn things the right way from day one?

Or maybe you just want to know how we can get rapid 12-week transformations with our clients or all goals, whether fat loss, body re-composition, hypertrophy or strength and conditioning.

Whatever your goals, The Clean Health Performance PT Coach Level 2 (CHPPT2) is the course that will teach you the art of program design and help scale your career in record time. This online course was created to take you from average to superstar training by helping you…

Understand the science of periodisation for numerous goals

Teach you over 50 different training methods that are battle-tested!

Learn from some of the world’s most respected PTs and Strength Coaches

Access and finish modules online from the comfort of your own home

Get access to over 50+ course lessons for up to 24 months

Our Online Performance PT Coach Program Gives You the Opportunity to Jump Ahead of your Colleagues as an Industry Leading Coach

You’ve been in the game several years but have plateaued when it comes to your business and consistently getting results. You have good knowledge but need to upgrade it with the latest science and how to systemise it into your business.
You know we are in a highly competitive industry and that it is critical to stand out from your colleagues. Well, we have the course that will help you!

Nutrition Coach

Become a world leading personal trainer

Separate yourself from the pack and learn our trialled and tested program design methods that we have used to coach over 250,000 PT sessions over the last decade.

Help your clients get serious results

Sure, you are passionate about your career and helping people, but how much better does it feel when you can help people get genuinely outstanding before and after shots in as little as 12 weeks? This course gives you the tools to do just that!

Build a more secure pt business

Results matter. This course will help you become a true expert to build a more stable, reliable career that gives you more significant levels of financial freedom. The greater the results, the better the business growth opportunities await you.

Transform your clients lives forever

Make a genuinely positive impact on all the client’s you coach. You will learn how to coach clients, not just train them, helping them achieve their goals inside the gym, and use it as a catalyst for change in all aspects of their lives.

Fitness Industry

get known as a fitness industry leader

Follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s most seasoned and well-known personal trainers and build a renowned brand within the fitness industry. Combine your qualifications and certifications with your love of training and program design to become a go-to expert in the field of transformations for fat loss, hypertrophy, and athletic performance.

If you’re looking to achieve all of this and more, you’re in the right place!

Performance Nutrition


Performance Personal Trainer Coach Level 2 (CHPPT2)

The #1 Online Evidence-Based Nutrition Certification!

With this exclusive, internationally recognised program, you get the advanced methodologies that you need to become an expectational personal trainer. By the end of the course, you’ll have taken the required steps to become a sought-after expert in your chosen niche.

The CHPPT2 certification provides you with all the tools that you need to add exceptional value to your clients, allowing you to create transformative results with your clientele in as little as 12 weeks.

You’ll soak up over 100 years of industry knowledge and numerous degrees to help cut through the noise and get straight to the point when it comes to designing easy to use training programs that cater to all your client’s goals.

Take Your Personal Training Skills to The Next Level!

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn In CHPPT2…

Module 1: Advanced Program Design for Strength (CHPPT21)

Learn how to prescribe different loading parameters for all strength qualities and advance periodisation methods and programs to maximise strength and athletic performance.

Module 2: Advanced Program Design for Hypertrophy (CHPPT22)

Learn about different types of hypertrophy and when to apply them, shock methods, numerous training systems and how to put it all together to build muscle in record time with clients of all trainee levels.

Module 3: Advanced Program Design for Fat Loss (CHPPT23)

Understand how to prescribe resistance training safely and effectively for fat loss to get impactful transformations in as little as 12 weeks. Learn the best programs to use and numerous periodisation models that can be tailored depending on the client.

Module 4: Energy systems Training for Fat Loss (CHPPT24)

Learn the physiology of fat loss and how to prescribe cardiovascular methods to maximise fat loss for both general population clients and elite level athletes.

Module 5: Modified Strongman Training (CHPPT25)

Understand how to practically apply modified strongman exercises into client programs for fat loss, hypertrophy, and athletic performance. Learn the best bang for your buck exercises to improve results in record time.

Get a Sneak-Peak of Cutting-Edge e-Learning Experience!

Check Out a Lesson Sample…

Clean Health Is One of The World’s Leading Fitness Industry Educators

Fitness Industry Educators

Here’s Why So Many Personal Trainers Have Studies with Us for Years…

As a fitness professional, you need to feel as though your chosen program will ensure your success as a personal trainer, allowing you to have a long-term career doing what you want! With Clean Health, you can feel comfortable and confident in your career in fitness, knowing that we have educated #fitpros for generations on the ‘Clean Health’ way.

With this course, get ready to take your skillset to new heights, allowing you to provide ‘game changing’ results to every client that you work with!

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Are you yet to complete Performance PT Coach Level One? Then this option is for you!

If You Want to Learn Even More In-Depth Strategies to Deliver Industry-Leading Client Results, then the Performance PT Coach Complete Certification Is Perfect!

While the Performance PT Coach Level One teaches you the core of conducting consultations and advanced program design – the complete certification gives you everything you need to succeed as a personal trainer. In addition, you get access to Performance PT Coach Level One, Two and Three.

This is why we recommend the complete package if you’re serious about becoming a transformation specialist 👇

Performance PT
Coach L1


Advanced Program Design

Fitness Coaching Advice

Performance PT Coach Complete Certification


Advanced program design

Building a successful PT business

Peaking for physique shows

Applied muscle testing

Energy systems & cardio training

So much more!

By Joining CHPPT2 Today, You Can Drastically Decrease the Time Needed to Become a World Leading Expert

In this course, we give you all the advanced tools and scientifically backed research in program design, enabling you to get life-changing results with your clients! Ready?