Learn The Skills You Need To Become An Industry-Leading Coach & Deliver More Consistent Results For Your Clients

Enhance your service offering, achieve incredible client transformations and expand your own fitness knowledge with the Performance PT Coach Level One Certification from Clean Health. Across 5 online modules, you’ll go a step beyond your core qualifications and learn the fundamentals of PT program design – from handling the initial consultation right the way through to building client-specific routines.


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“I highly recommend Clean Health to anyone that is wanting to start out in the fitness industry or is already in the fitness industry wanting to learn more.”

Lauren Simpson

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Veronica M, Australia.

An incredible course, super informative and easy to follow! A must for any PT


Sam, Y. Kuwait

Great content, science based, and delivered in the most simplified yest rich and informative method!


James M, USA

Excellent course content with great videos!


Chris C, Australia

Really well put together course, taught application as well as theory

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Give Yourself The Best Chance of Success As a Personal Trainer

Have you recently started a career as a personal trainer? Do you want to improve your offer and help your clients achieve better results? Or maybe you just want to learn more from industry-leading experts about what makes a high-quality PT?

Whatever your targets, The Clean Health Performance PT Coach Level 1 (CHPPT1) is a great place to start. If you’re a personal trainer, this program is designed to add more skills to your toolbox through the best possible online fitness education…

Know the fundamentals of designing effective PT programs for your clients

Complete 5 personal training modules to improve your offer

Learn from some of the world’s most respected fitness coaches

Access and finish modules online from the comfort of your own home

Get access to 180+ course lessons for up to 24 months

Our Online Performance PT Coach Program Is Your Opportunity To Becoming a Better Coach That Delivers Superior Results

If you’ve already qualified as a personal trainer, then you’ve ticked all the boxes that allow you to offer PT services to your clients. But ask yourself, are you equipped to provide a truly life-changing service? Are you delivering an outstanding offer?

To make a real, measurable and long-term impact on your clients, you need to go a step beyond the core qualifications. In a highly-competitive industry, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. You just need a course that can help you… )

Nutrition Coach

Thrive as a personal trainer

Separate yourself from the pack and get certified in the PT space. Go beyond the core requirements as a fitness professional and help your clients change their lives for the better, for good, through a wealth of additional knowledge and experience.

Enhance your current offer

Take your passion for personal training and soak up the knowledge you need to create a powerful offer. Build a meaningful career around what you care about, and get paid good money to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Control your time and money

Build a more stable, reliable career that gives you total financial and personal freedom. Use your PT qualification to work with higher-profile clients on a more targeted basis. Scale your business (and your prices!) as you gain more experience.

Change lives for the better

Make a genuinely positive impact on the people you work with. Share your PT knowledge and expertise to take your clients from where they are to where they want to be. Watch their transformation and know that you played a huge part.
Fitness Industry

Become a recognised leader in the fitness industry

Follow in the footsteps of the world’s most popular personal trainers and build your own brand in the fitness industry. Combine your qualifications and certifications with your love of health to become a go-to expert in the field of physical wellbeing.

If you’re looking to achieve all of this and more, you’re in the right place!

Performance Nutrition


Performance Personal Trainer Coach Level 1 (CHPPT1)

The #1 Online Evidence-Based PT Certification!

With this exclusive, internationally-recognised program, you get the core information you need to become a better personal trainer. By the end of the course, you’ll have taken the next steps to thriving (not just surviving!) as a professional PT.

The CHPPT1 certification is a comprehensive program that allows you to provide significantly more value as a PT, creating world-leading results with general population clients and elite-level athletes alike. You’ll soak up decades of industry knowledge and experience from our first-class trainers, along with the actionable insights you need to incorporate their methods into your own service offering.

Take Your Personal Training Skills To The Next Level!

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn In CHPPT1…

Module 1: Mastering The Initial Consultation (CHPPT1)

Build a stronger foundation for your nutritional advice, as you develop a skilled understanding of obesity as a condition, and its causes, implications and remedies.

Module 2: Structural Balance Assessment for All Populations (CHPPT12)

With an understanding of consultation styles, goal setting and training techniques, you can connect with your clients more deeply and deliver a superior service.

Module 3: Corrective Exercise Prescription (CHPPT13)

Learn how to prescribe effective programs for both prehab and rehab concerns with all clients, no matter the trainee level.

Module 4: Fundamentals of Program Design (CHPPT14)

Discover how to design scientifically-grounded nutrition and diet programs safely and effectively. Maximize your own client results with a tried and tested system.

Module 5: Exercise Technique Mastery (CHPPT15)

Explore and break down each nutritional system so you know when or when not to apply them depending on client physiology, goals and overall psychology.

Discover Our Innovative and
Informative Learning Experience!

Check Out a Lesson Sample…

Clean Health Is One of Australia’s Top Fitness Industry Educators

Fitness Industry Educators

Here’s Why So Many Personal Trainers Choose To Qualify With Us…

More than anything, you need to feel as if your chosen program is going to ensure your success as a personal trainer for the long term. With Clean Health, you can feel comfortable and confident in your career in fitness.

You’ll advance beyond the base level of knowledge most courses provide and receive the tools and skills you need to become an industry-leading PT who adds real value to your clients through specialist advice and coaching.

*Speak to one of our advisors, no sleazy sales pitch. Promise.

Here’s Everything You’ll Have
Access to When You Enrol Today:

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Total USD $260.00

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If You Want To Learn Even More In-Depth Strategies To Deliver An Industry-Leading PT Service Then The Performance PT Coach Complete Certification Is Perfect!

While the Performance PT Coach Level One teaches you the core of conducting consultations and advanced program design – the complete certification gives you everything you need to succeed as a personal trainer. You get access to Performance PT Coach Level One, Two and Three.
This is why we recommend the full package 👇

Performance PT
Coach L1


Advanced program design

Fitness coaching advice

Performance PT Coach Complete Certification


Enhanced program design

Building a successful PT business

Peaking for photoshoots

Applied muscle testing

Energy systems training

So much more!

By Joining CHPPT1 Today, You Can Start Your Journey To Becoming a World-Class Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach!

In this course, we give you the core information, knowledge and insight you need to become a successful PT and a leader in the field of fitness.