Take Your Results, Fitness,
And Business To New Heights
With Your New Mentors

The biggest names in the industry are ready

to directly help YOU 10x your skills,

performance, and business

Take Your Results, Fitness,
And Business To New Heights
With Your New Mentors

The biggest names in the industry are ready

to directly help YOU 10x your skills,

performance, and business

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Are you ready to level up your PT business?

Whether you want a rock-solid rep as THE coach who gets results… a business where $10K months are “low”… or you just want to take your health and fitness to an elite level, most places out there won’t cut it.

You can find some great shallow dives into topics on YouTube, but not much deeper. TikTok and Instagram give you short, sharp snippets – and that’s about it. Forums might have the odd nugget of gold, if you can dig through all the dirt to find it.

The ideal choice would be to DM the big coaches and just be directly mentored by them. But let’s face it, that would be a pipe dream for most… at least, until now.

Meet Your New Mentors…

Introducing Fitness Hub:

Your Personalised Mentor Masterclass

Imagine being able to discuss the latest research on nutrition from Layne Norton…

Or listening to Hattie Boydle talking about the best ways to train women…

Or asking Sebastion Oreb to go deeper into how he programs strength training…

That’s what Fitness Hub is all about.

We’ve combined unrivalled connection with a private community to create this Masterclass of virtual mentors to help you take the next step, whether personally or professionally.

Fitness is Hub is where you get guidance from some of the industry’s leading figures. It’s where you can ask any question and be guaranteed to get an answer. It’s where you and other members take  guide and customise the conversations, topics, and calls.

It’s the membership where one call, one question, or one connection could give you a return of 10x, 20x, or even more.

And a weekly subscription costs less than a coffee a day.

So, What's in it for me?

Mentor Masterclasses

3 calls each week from industry leaders on topics like nutrition, programming, social media, marketing, and more

You Set the Agenda

Subjects for calls and discussion can be requested by members

Proximity to Power

Build connections with mentors and members inside the private Fitness Hub community

Your Private Collection

Each call is recorded so you can watch and rewatch, and added to a constantly-growing library

No Question Unanswered

EVERY question asked by members will be answered, whether on a call or in the group

VIP Discounts

Get special discounts to Clean Health courses and events, as well as products from partners

Exclusive Insights

All the calls and discussion are kept 100% exclusive for Fitness Hub members and will never be shared publicly


You have an entire “spectrum” of options to upgrade your skills and creat life-changing results for your clients and yourself.

At one end sits live events – perfect for building relationships, meeting like-minded people, and getting access to big speakers. But they cost a lot of time and effort and aren’t something you can do each week.

On the other end lies pre-recorded programs. Convenient and easy to follow, but they don’t have the interactivity or connection that events have.

That’s why we created Fitness Hub.

So many health and fitness professionals are looking for the best of both worlds:

#1: To connect with others and find practical insights like they get with live events

#2: To have ease and accessibility that doesn’t eat up their weekend or mean travel

With our Virtual Mentors, you get the “sweet spot” of the spectrum: personalised guidance that goes beyond courses but are easy to be part of mixed with being able to talk and build relationships without the demanding cost of live events.

Your Bonus… Your Choice!

We want to reward you for taking the initiative to level up your game with Fitness Hub.
So as our way to say thanks, you can choose from one of the two options below – completely FREE*.

NOTE: This launch bonus is ONLY available until January 31.

EARLY MOVER BONUS 1 - Clean Health Live 2024 Virtual VIP Ticket

Catch every minute of our biggest-ever live event. With new speakers, more highlights, and a bigger crowd than ever, you’ll be part of the action as your VIP ticket includes:

  • Breakout rooms with hosts and presenters
  • Virtual access to the VIP post-event
  • Virtual access to the Day 3 Mastermind

Tickets are selling now for USD $295 but you’ll get yours as a Fitness Hub member without paying a cent.

EARLY MOVER BONUS 2 - Level 1 Performance Certificate

Help your clients drop fat, build muscle, and boost performance that makes you look like a leading expert… even if you’re a relatively new coach.

  • Created by leading coaches
  • Evidence-based curriculum
  • See how the best get jaw-dropping results

The Level 1 Performance Certificate is worth USD $397 but to add these skills to your abilities, you get it free.

What Coaches, Trainers,
And Enthusiasts Are Saying…

Not For You? Cancel At Any Time

Your membership with Fitness Hub should be as simple, easy, and hassle-free as possible – so that’s how we designed it. There’s no obligation to commit to 12 months if you don’t want to (though you get a great saving!). More importantly, you can cancel at any time for any reason, no questions asked. It’s that simple.

The Last Fitness Mentoring You’ll Ever Need

With Fitness Hub, you have everything you need to go past 99% of other health and fitness professionals.

Your mentors will share insights most others never hear of, answer your toughest questions, and discuss the most challenging issues coaches struggle with today.

It’s a private community where some of the biggest names talk to and help out coaches ready to take the next step… and a select group of people serious about elevating their fitness or their clients.

Whatever your goal is, the best way to fast-track your progress is by learning from the best. And that’s what Fitness Hubs gives you:

The #1 way to amplify your skills, results, and outcomes from the best in the industry.

And all for the price of a couple of movie tickets each week.

Click the Join Monthly button below and we’ll see you in there!

Monthly Membership

 USD $84.00 / month

Monthly Membership

 USD $84.00 / month

Annual Membership

 USD $311.00 / year
(USD $25.92 / month )

got questions?

What can I expect from my Fitness Hub membership?

Fitness Hub gives you the mentoring to step up as a health and fitness coach, or to take your performance as a fitness enthusiast to elite levels. To make that happen, you’ll have access to 3 weekly masterclass calls (and all the recordings), a private community group, exclusive discounts and offers, and much more.

Absolutely! Fitness Hub is designed for health and fitness coaches to upgrade their skills so they can deliver life-changing results for their clients and business. However, Fitness Hub is also fantastic for fitness enthusiasts who want to take their performance up a notch, because you have access to leaders, insights, and a community that few others have.

No, Fitness Hub is not a program or certification in that kind. This mentoring and community is focused on boosting your skills, understanding, and abilities in health, fitness, and even in the business space!

Not at all. However, the subjects in the group and masterclass calls will usually be at a more Intermediate-Advanced level to support coaches or enthusiasts who are already comfortable with the fundamentals.

Yes, you can cancel your membership whenever you like. You’ll still keep your access until the next payment date. Please contact us on [email protected] at any point to cancel your membership.

Have Mentors That Most Coaches Could Only Dream Of

*Please note all free bonuses have no exclusions and are not transferable.