Learn the skills you need to achieve incredible physiques time and time again from Dr. Layne Norton (PhD).
Primarily designed for fitness and nutrition coaches, the Advanced Nutrition for Fat Loss Certification is the second and final level in Dr Layne’s Norton’s nutritional programming and dietary design certifications with Clean Health.


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Do you want to stand head and shoulders above 99% of other coaches? Are you passionate about Physique Sports? Would you like to learn how to achieve champion physiques repeatedly that not only look good but feel good for general population clientele? By focusing on nutrition as the core element of your personal training offer, you have a significantly better chance of achieving gratifying results and a booming career, especially when you can work with elite-level physique athletes. It’s never been more crucial to differentiate yourself from other personal trainers and stand out from the crowd. This highly sought-after online course is your chance to leverage Dr Layne Norton’s bank of knowledge and experience to define your career as a leading contest prep coach or specialised personal trainer.

Learn advanced principles of dietary design and nutritional periodisation for your clients.

Complete 9 comprehensive diet and nutrition modules to improve your PT & nutrition service offering

Learn from one of the world’s most respected nutrition coaches and industry icons!

Access and finish modules online from the comfort of your own home

Get access to over 50+ course lessons for up to 24 months

Learn From Dr Layne Norton to Elevate your Mindset and Expand your Career into the World of Nutrition Coaching for Athletes!

Layne Norton PhD is one of the world’s most recognizable and influential health and fitness gurus, with more than 1 million followers across his social media channels. A bodybuilder, raw elite powerlifter, physique coach, and overall academic powerhouse, Layne is well-respected in the global fitness industry with his unique and insightful communication style.

As an educator, he’s lectured to thousands of fitness professionals worldwide across more than a decade of experience. His research has been published in multiple scientific journals – and he’s contributed to numerous publications and media outlets, including the Joe Rogan podcast and Finally, he is also a member of the Clean Health Academic Advisory Board.

Amplify & Scale your PT career by specialising in Nutrition & Provide a Life-Changing Solution for Your Clients

Specialising in diet and nutrition is a great way to ensure your success and give yourself a competitive advantage in the fitness industry. Whatever your targets, the Advanced Nutrition for Fat Loss online course is designed to propel your career to new heights and give you an array of opportunities to work with high-profile clients and enter the world of contest preparation and physique sports.

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Deliver life-changing results for anyone who comes to you for help. Go beyond the core requirements as a fitness professional and learn cutting-edge methods backed by science to help your clients achieve transformative change.

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This course will help advance your coaching toolbox to provide the best possible results-based education. Open new doors for attracting high-profile clients and experience a whole new level of physique transformations from contest prep to photoshoots.

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More knowledge equals faster results. Faster results equal less time spent with every client as you scale your business. Earn more money doing what you love doing, helping others change their lives!

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While other personal trainers and bodybuilders fall behind – you will lead – having the world’s most comprehensive contest preparation certification and the unique ability to achieve peak physical condition again and again
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Become a recognised leader globally

Follow in the footsteps of industry giants such as Layne Norton PhD, Jackson Peos PhD, Bill Campbell PhD, Mark Carroll, Lauren Simpson, and many of the world’s leading fitness professionals. They have either worked with us or studied with us. Success leaves clues. Learning with Clean Health, you will become a go-to expert in the field of nutrition and physical transformations.

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Advanced Nutrition for Fat Loss by Dr Layne Norton, PhD

The #1 Online Evidence-Based Nutrition Certification!

With this comprehensive and premium digital course, you get everything you need to create a compelling service offering by becoming an advanced nutrition coach specialising in physique contests and photo shoot prep.
By the end of the course, you’ll have soaked up invaluable knowledge from Dr Layne Norton, one of the world’s leading nutrition coaches. Become confident in your knowledge and ability to deliver a structured plan that will achieve the desired outcome and prioritize the health and well-being of your client.

There are so many vital components necessary to achieve champion-worthy conditioning with your clients, and this online course was designed to give you the tools you need to structure an evidence-based contest preparation or photoshoot.

Upon completing this course, you will understand how to design evidence-based advanced training & nutrition  programming across all phases, peak week strategies, and the recovery process following a competition season.

Set an Unprecedented standard in The Most Advanced Nutrition Physique Prep Certification in The World!

Here’s everything You’ll Learn in ANFL…

Module 1: : Nutrition for Fat Loss (ANFL1)

Understand the difference between coaching people to lose fat compared to getting shredded. You will also understand the mindset and expectations when dealing with physique athletes.

Module 2: Advanced Nutritional Methodologies (ANFL2)

You will learn TDEE, determining caloric intake, nutrient timing, macro targets, and how to get the most out of the different macronutrients to maximise your results.

Module 3: The Science of Refeeds & Diet Breaks (ANFL3)

You will learn about the refeeds, diet breaks, the difference and when to program either one depending on the client goal and trainee level.

Module 4: Advanced Training Principles for Fat Loss (ANFL4)

Learn the ground rules of program design, periodization, auto-regulation, volume, exercise selection, along with female training myth-busting. This module will give you all the tools you need to design training programs that maximise your client results time and time again.

Module 5: The Contest Prep Process (ANFL5)

In this module, you will learn everything you need to know about the process, such as check-ins, measurements, plateau busting, when a client misbehaves, the whole spectrum, allowing you to master the art of coaching physique athletes.

Module 6: The Science of Peak-Week for Physique Athletes (ANFL6)

You will learn all about peak weak, what is it, nutrition, training, the psychology of it, along with busting all those peak week plateaus.

Module 7: Show Day Nutrition Strategies (ANFL7)

Learn all the tools needed to get your athlete or client in tip-top condition on the day and present their best package, whether on stage or for a photo shoot.

Module 8: The Art of Post-Comp/Photoshoot Programming (ANFL8)

Learn all about the different adaptations to fat loss that can occur post-event weight regain and reverse dieting. You will also learn how to periodise your nutrition and training to maximise gains after the event.

Module 9: Supplementation for Advanced Populations (ANFL9)

Learn all about whey protein, creatine, caffeine, betaine, citrulline, essential amino acids, BCAA and over 10 other popular and researched supplements that you can integrate into your clients’ programs as required to reach their goals.

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More than anything, you need to feel as if your chosen program is going to ensure your success as a personal trainer for the long term. You can finish the Cert III and Cert IV course in 6 months – but when you complete your qualifications, we guarantee 2 years of access to extended, self-paced certifications, and first-class coaching.

With Clean Health, you can feel comfortable and confident in your career in fitness and nutrition. Advance beyond the base level of training most registered training organisations provide, and receive the tools and skills you need to become an industry-leading PT who adds real value to your clients.

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Simply the Most Comprehensive Package Ever Designed in this Subject, the Ultimate Nutrition Coach Complete Certification!

The complete certification gives you additional access to The Science of Nutrition (TSN), containing core dietary principles you need to understand to coach your clients effectively through their journey.
If you want to learn ALL, there is to know about advanced nutrition and training for physique sports? You might find it helpful to enrol in the complete package!


Nutrition for Fat Loss, hypertrophy, and body re-composition

Advanced Nutritional Methodologies

Maximising Fat Loss for Advanced Goals

The Science of Peak Week for Physique Athletes

Show Day Nutrition Strategies

The Art of Post Comp/Photoshoot Programming

Ultimate Nutrition Coach Complete Certification

Everything from ANFL

Macronutrient fundamentals

Understanding energy balance

Advanced science of fat loss

Reverse dieting

The art of coaching and eliciting behavioural change

So much more!

Sign-Up for ANFL now & shortcut your success in becoming a physique transformation specialist and contest preparation…

This course will give you all the tools you need to truly take your client results to new heights, understanding everything from coaching clients for photoshoots to helping athletes get on stage in epic condition and beyond!
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