Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman – Episode 2 – Industry Leaders Podcast


In episode 2 of the Clean Health Industry Leaders Podcast, we dive deep into the world of online coaching and how you can either make the switch from in-person into online or if you are already there, how you can scale it to unimaginable heights!

In this episode we are joined by none other than Jonathan Goodman, the Founder of the Personal Trainer Development Centre and Online Trainer Academy, which has educated over 40,000 personal trainers around the world since 2016. So, Jonathan knows a thing or two about helping coaches establish and scale a successful online personal training business!

Jonathan Goodman lecturing

In this episode titled ‘How to Dominate Online PT in 2021 and beyond’, Jonathan Goodman covers many key points including:

  1. How COVID-19 has impacted the fitness industry and helped evolve online coaching
  2. How you can start an online coaching business from scratch and be successful
  3. The importance of social media for online coaches (It is not as important as you think!)
  4. His latest research in the field of artificial intelligence and using it in the online coaching space to maximise client results
  5. What plans are in store for Jonathan over the next 12 months with his business

In closing this episode will provide you with a ton of practical gems that you can implement immediately to start growing your online personal training business. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in below and get started!

For more information on Jonathan, you can visit him over at his website: