Sample fitness model fat loss workout of the day – legs!

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I get a lot of people ask me what type of workouts I give clients to achieve rapid fat loss. In particular to achieve the types of physiques seen by some of the girls in this blog post. Well to earn the type of physique seen below you need to train hard for it!

Clean Health Athlete Hannah Kimber works hard to build her physique!

Below is a sample routine I give to some of my fitness model girls. Note that these clients already have high levels of fitness, are structurally balanced (so can maintain fantastic form through a full range of motion on exercises like squats, deadlifts etc) and are extremely motivated! If that is you then give it a try and let me know how you feel after it!

Here is the workout and provided you follow the tempo and rest periods to the letter it should take you approximately 50 minutes to complete:

  • A1. 1 1/4 at Bottom Low Bar BB Back Squat: 5-6 reps @ 4210 tempo then rest for 30 seconds
  • A2. Alternating Walking DB Lunges: 10-12 reps (Each leg) @ 30X0 tempo then rest for 30 seconds
  • A3. 45 Degree Prone DB Back Extensions w/Neutral Feet: 10-12 reps @ 30X1 tempo then rest for 30 seconds
  • A4. Romanian DB Deadlifts: 10-12 reps @ 4020 tempo then rest for 30 seconds
  • A5. 45 Degree Duck Stance Leg Press: 2 minutes @ no tempo then rest for 120 seconds


  • Here is an example of how you read casino online the tempo. In this case we will make it 4210 like in A1
    • The first number is the eccentric phase of the movement, so 4 seconds lowering into the bottom of the squat
    • The second number is the bottom part of the movement, so 2 seconds here to make up for the time coming back up into a 1/4 position pulse
    • The third number is the concentric phase of the movement, so 1 second to stand back up
    • The fourth number is the top part of the movement, so 0 seconds pause at the top before you commence descending back into the squat
  • Whenever you see an X in the tempo it means to move explosively or as fast as possible
  • It is a giant set, so you go from A1 through to A5 then rest
  • You rest after A1 through to A4 for 30 seconds to allow your body enough time to recover so that you can lift a heavy enough weight in the next exercise. You do not want to sacrifice intensity!
  • After A5 you rest for 2 minutes and then repeat the circuit, you will do this 5 times in total
  • Do 2-3 warm up circuits before commencing your first working set
  • Remember with A1 you are doing a quarter pulse at the bottom of the squat, hence why there is a 2 placed after the 4 in the tempo scheme. Also the bar is placed lower down on the back along the lower traps (find the groove) which involve more of your posterior chain compared to a traditional high bar (Olympic style) squat
  • Remember with A5 it is 2 whole minutes leg press. Yes you read that right! Try to not lock out on each rep so that you keep continuous tension on the muscle
  • If you can”t get the range to squat like Jes in the photo below then you are not ready to do this program
If you can”t squat this deep then this routine is not for you!





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